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A warping process requirements and tasks
2014-8-14 18:10:05

1 the whole task

According to the regulations in the process design of a certain number and length of warp, drawn from the winding bobbin, a component of yarn, warp with uniform tension, parallel to each other closely around the whole beam, for the formation of weaving shaft make preliminary preparation.

2 the warping requirements

(1) warping warp must have the proper tension, at the same time as far as possible to maintain the warp tension and elasticity.

(2) in the whole process, full width of the warp tension should be uniform.

(3) the warp shaft of the warp yarn arrangement and winding density to be uniform (referring to the beam transverse and inner and outer layer of yarn), beam surface to he is, no uneven phenomenon.

(4) the whole root number, length or color aligned cycle must be consistent with the provisions of the weaving process design.

(5) the whole machine production efficiency to be high, less waste.