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The domestic textile machinery: more "steel" can be more exciting
2014-8-14 18:15:36

May 19th ~22, the fourteenth session of the China Metallurgical Industry in the World Expo held in beijing. The exhibition displayed many domestic and foreign new products, new skills, new techniques, new materials and new equipment in 100000 square meters to gather, flashes of metallurgical industry in the world's latest open water steep effect. However, the reporter saw, the China Metallurgical skills in the skills, new product development efforts, is still in the information technology and the degree of precision, compared with the similar type of foreign companies, there still exist certain distance.

Metallurgical skills behind

On mechanical product function level

China Die & Mould Industry Association executive director, senior engineer Zhou Yongtai said in an interview: "the quality and variety of metal material function, often affect the quality and life and cost of mechanical products, domestic and foreign steel steel contrast, regardless of quality or variety specification, there are large distance."

The rapier loom as an example, textile machinery operation quickly open the amount, the quality and variety of mould data and function etc. to put forward higher and newer requirements, such as the rapier head high standard, high power, because the rapier loom speed of the demand, the rapier head data have impact resistance, very good together, also cannot affect the quality and life of rapier head, in the training of metal process, must grasp the remaining elements of the control.

While the domestic varieties, specification, quality and function and the world first and keep a certain distance horizontal comparison, China every year to import rapier head data many from abroad.

China Textile Machinery Textile Research Institute director Wang Guoxing to think, to a device body and a frame from microelectronic components, including plastic, copper, aluminum, steel and other various different strength and appearance of the parts, during any parts in the production process, the physical function and appearance quality were to arrive scheme needs, the quality demand of metal materials to ensure. Textile machinery manufacturing company shall not the whole failure primary demand of metal, i.e. demand metal shall not crack; secondly, the first textile machinery company needs to produce a physical function, and after all a parts appearance and dimension tolerance, so the metal materials to ensure satisfactory strength.

High speed open with the textile machinery industry, die casting production tends to use more high pressure die casting machine, more automated production, this needs of metal together with rigid excellent red (high temperature yield strength) and ductility (plastic). Then the status quo of China some metal materials do not pass, imported metal materials which make the textile machinery company had to choose the cost is higher.

Domestic information life short

Facing the new mall helpless

Facing the new play Chinese metal materials of new shopping malls, domestic Steel Corp is very difficult: domestic metal materials can not completely satisfied with the domestic machinery operation needs.

The first is the die steel production technology is backward, steel material quantity difference. For example, the domestic universal die steel H13, D2, LD and other varieties of connotation of quality can be arrived at general specification of die steel astma681, of the world usually level, basically can satisfy the domestic and foreign users usually die by demand. But on the high demand high standards of die steel the user, such as impact resistance, low level of residual carbides element manipulation, high quality long number was also unable to meet demand.

The contrast between domestic and abroad mold flash skills, hardened steel die life abroad in 1600000 ~ 3000000 times, however, only 500000 ~ 1000000 times, the domestic non hardened steel die life is only half of the foreign. In addition, domestic mold steel less new varieties. These years, some foreign famous die steel production company developed many new products such as die steel, high strength steel mold, dh13, dh53 tolerance and flame hardening die steel, powder metallurgy cold work die steel. In contrast, domestic high power die steel products less, the development of new varieties of mold steel less. For example, accounting for plastic die steel die steel dosage 60%, in China the alloy tool steel specification, only two grade of steel, while the United States has 7 grades, and formed a more intact steel series. The United States, Japan, and Switzerland in the cold work die steel and heat as series of die steel, hot die steel has only 6 type GM varieties, these are domestic mold steel as it in time.

"Going out" transverse joint

The domestic textile machinery or go through a shortcut

China Textile machinery operation open high-tech goods, demand is especially metal materials, chemical products, rubber products, electronics, electrical components, hydraulic parts, fasteners and other infrastructure supporting commercial and parts. At that time, supporting components of domestic in materials, the accuracy and quality of production are lacking, and selection of the supporting parts, there is a price high, long period of doubt, directly affect the open textile machinery automation skills. Therefore, there are professionals that Chinese textile companies to "go out", the transverse joint, this should be a shortcut textile company in the open. If the conditions of textile machinery company, to be able to choose the leading metallurgical methods and skills, such as the essence, outside the furnace electroslag remelting, vacuum treatment, multidirectional forging and rolling, forging, finishing, to produce pure degree of high quality steel, mould steel products by machining, hardened and tempered disposal way to supply products, the quality of the.

Textile machinery company should strengthen the innovation and application of surface treatment skills. Surface treatment can adhere to the original commodity composition and function on the basis of given mould appearance is the use of function (mainly the wear and corrosion resistance