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The work principle of warp knitting machine
2014-8-14 18:16:33

Warp knitting machine is mainly composed of a weaving mechanism, shogging mechanism, let off mechanism, drawing and winding mechanism and a transmission mechanism.

The weaving mechanism comprises a needle bar, bar, sinker bed and board, generally by the cam or eccentric connecting rod transmission. Cam used in the low speed, warp knitting machine knitting movement in relatively complicated. The eccentric connecting rod as the transmission is stable, the processing is simple, high speed when the wear and low noise, so it is used widely in high speed warp knitting machine.

shogging mechanism, so that the requirements of horizontal bar in the knitting process organization in accordance with the knitted fabric, warp pad on the needle, woven into the fabric to have certain organizational structure. There are usually flower type and cam type two. Flower plate mechanism through the ceiling with certain shapes and sizes according to requirements of a knitted fabric series plate chain, the shogging, applied to more complex weave pattern organization pattern transformation is relatively easy. In cam mechanism cam in knitted fabric desired shogging rules and design, drive more stable, can adapt the high speed braiding.

The let off mechanism, the beam of the warp unwinding down into the knitting area. Negative type and active type two. Beam negative type mechanism for warp tension pulling out of warp beam transmission device, do not need special warp knitting machine, applicable to machine speed is low, the rules of complex. Positive let off mechanism adopts the transmission device dedicated to turning out warp beam, and the tension of induction type and line speed induction type difference. Tension induction mechanism to control beam through the tension rod induction of warp tension size speed. The line speed induction mechanism to control the warp beam through the speed measuring device induction warp velocity size speed. This kind of mechanism to a predetermined speed out of warp, can work stably in the high speed running condition, so it has been widely used in the high-speed warp knitting machine.

The drawing and winding mechanism is at a predetermined speed the fabric from the knitting area traction and wound into a roll of cloth.