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Electronic warp knitting machine development overview of bar shogging mechanism.
2014-8-14 18:18:04

Since 1775, there have been the world's first warp knitting machine, warp knitting machine shogging mechanism has been accompanied by the development of warp knitting machine has experienced 200 years of development, from mechanical shogging mechanism of early development to the electronic shogging mechanism later. A traversing mechanism has changed a lot. With the improvement of science and technology, the traversing mechanism has made great progress in the sliding distance, performance and the degree of automation etc..

(1) in the history of the development of warp knitting machine, mechanical shogging mechanism long dominant, but with the mechanical and electrical integration needle textile equipment, precision machinery and advanced microelectronic technology organically, electronic shogging mechanism of rapid development.

(2) electronic shogging mechanism has a fan pattern is convenient, sliding distance, pattern design space is wide, the production efficiency higher merit. In addition, because it is based on computer control, has very important meaning to realize mechatronics system of warp knitting machine.

(3) high speed has become a major trend of the development of modern warp knitting machine, warp knitting machine the machine cam speed reached 3500 rpm, Raschel warp knitting machine speed can reach 2500 rpm. But the machine at present electronic shogging mechanism can meet the speed of only 2000 rpm, so the electronic shogging mechanism also can not completely replace the mechanical shogging mechanism, at least for a future for quite a long time, will exist in a small comb, high speed warp knitting machine.

Conclusion: with the improvement of technology, control of motor, and constantly develop new hydraulic transmission technology available, believe that the performance of the electronic shogging mechanism will improve. Future, the electronic shogging mechanism instead of mechanical shogging mechanism is a big trend, is the development direction of warp knitting technology of the future.