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GE2T-50 Carbon Fiber Multi-axial Warp Knitting Machine

GE2T-50 carbon fiber multi-axial warp knitting machine

GE2T-50 carbon fiber multi-axial warp knitting machine is mainly used for producing carbon fiber material.The machine adopts special constant stretch fiber device so that carbon fiber spreading is constant.The machine adopts 30-axial linkage mathematical model to lay carbon fiber well-distributed from multi-angle and multi-layer,two-fiver layers.The special compound needles are used for knitting carbon fiber.The transmission,cutting and winding units are automatic.The machine is mainly used for automotive,aerospace,yachts,sports goods,construction material,The successful development of the machine achieves the localization of carbon fiber multi-axial warp knitting technology and fill up the blank space in domestic.

Main technolongy paratmenters
1.Working speed:60-600 rpm;
2.Lay weft yarm:three laying weft yam station.Weft degree:45°~60°、90°-45~-60°;
3.Stretch fiber width:30-132mm;
4.Normal width:1275mm(50")
5.Beams:beam size is 21×Φ30(inch),let-off method is EBA;
6.Draw-off unit:servo control electric draw-off unit;
7.Winding unit:servo control frictiong winding unot;
8.Needle type:compound needle;
9.Guide bars:2;
10.Edge cutting unit:adjustable blades cutting unit;
11.Transverse unit:pattern beam;
12.Human-computer interface:real-time display the working parameters of main units,revise and record all kinds of parameters adjust the all kinds of data and record parmeters;
13.Waming function:the system can self diagnosis and warm.Waming sign can be displayed and sound-light alarm.The system provides failure waming daily record so that the faults can be analyzed and handled;
14.Power grid protective function:the system has protective function if under voltage,over volage,default phase,wrong phase sepquence and sudden power lost;
15.Password protection function:three levels according to operation authorization;

Main fetures
1.The machine can stretch and lay carbon fiber in constant temperature and equally thrugh its' creel;
2.High efficient eccentric link looping move unit;
3.The weft agree can be set in 45°~60°、90°-45°~-60°;
4.Big power servo control electric let-off,electric draw-off and electric winding;
5.Friction winding and new type center winding canbe choosed;
6.Move controller,human-computer interface,servo contaoller and motor,PLC,power source,switch box with air condition are from Siemens,B&R and Rittal so that the system is advancde,stable and reliable;
7.The machine has automatic cutting edge unit and cutting width unit;
8.The machine has 10.4" touch screen so that the parameters are displayed clealy and operate easily.The protective function of the system is complet;