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GE2S-2 Chopped Strand Mats(with cloth) Type Biaxial Warp Knitting Machine

GE2S-2chopped strand mats(with cloth) type Biaxial warp knitting machine

It is our new -developed and high performance warp knitting machine which adopts particular compound needle to decrease the needle resistance to weft yarn.Transmitted hook chain adopts single row hook.The machine adopts dolly moving on the guide rain to spread 90 degree weft yarn and real time and double bus distributing mastering and chop mat device can be equipped.The chop mat can be stitched on the top surface of fabric or in the middle construction.The fabric can be widely use for mainly used in sporting goods,wind power generation,aerospace,shipbuilding,autombiles,cabin cover,repairing bridges and walls of the composite materials,etc.After weaving lining for 0°,90°lining through,non-woven(mesh cloth,PP,etc)lining,chopped strand mat of biaxial weft insertion fabric.

Main technolongy parameter
1.Machine No.:E6 E12 E18;
2.Working speed:60r/min to 1000r/min;
3.Shop weft density:2C/cm to 8C/cm;
4.Shop Weft Width:8 inches
5.The nominal width:Chopped strand mats(with cloth)type Biaxial warp knitting machine
6.By the axis:The axis pan head size is 30 inches×21 inches;off way EBA;
7.Take-up mechanism:the friction can speed take-up mechanism;
8.Needle:compound needle;
9.Guide bar count:2;
10.Trimming institutions:Adjustable blade cutting agencies;
11.Sliding body:Split series faceplate;
12.Chopped strand mat:Mat cutting speed automatic/manual adjustment
13.Man-machine interface:real-time display the main components of the operating parameters:You can modify,save the shop latitude station of proces parameters;
14.Alarm:The system has a self-diagnostic and alarm function,alarm signals can be displayed in the status line and press the rating for sound and light alarm;ststem
fault alarm log for fault analysis and processing;
15.Network protection: a grid voltage undervoltage, overvoltage,phase,phase sequence and a sudden power fault protection functions:
16.The password protection:According to the operating authority is divided into three levels

Main features
1.Real-time dual bus(100MBPS real-time bus Ethernet Power Link and medium-speed bus X2X)9-axis control technology to ensure the 9 axis and axis of synchronous
2.Efficient way of short crankshaft connecting rod into a circle motion mechanism,the maximum operating speed up to 1000 rev/min.
3.High-power servo controlled electronic let=off,electronic traction,Electronic take-up.
4.The center of friction,and a new winding winding winding system for the user to select two.
5.Motion controllers,human machine interface,13-axis servo controller and motor,PLC,power supply,air-conditioned main components such as sub-cabine Do from
Siemens,B&R,Rittal and others imported,to ensure the system's advanced nature,stability and reliability.
6.Auto trimming,cut p0ieces of bodies:cell core neddle and automatic needle swing mechanism.
7.10.4 inch touch display,parameter display clear,easy to operate,the system protection than the whole.