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GE319 Elastic Yarn Warping Machine With Vertical Creel

GE319 Elastic Yarn Warping Machine With Vertical Creel

GE319 Elastic Yarn Warping Machine With Vertical Creel is driven by 4 pcs of high performance servo motor which are made by lenze Germany and adopts high precision laser to measure distance so the warper is stable,well equipped and easy to operate.It is Suitable for warping all kinds of elastic yarn,specially for knitting high quality plain cloth.

Main technolongy parameter
1.Warper beam size:21"×Φ21"(inch)
2.Warper linear speed:300m/min
3.Pre-drafting:0-300%,final draft:15%-100%.
4.Brake time less than 0.6 seconds.The deviation of stop synchronization is less than ±3%
5.Creel capacity:616、700、728、784、792、896etc.(According to customers requirements)
6.Servo Motor Power:warper head power 13.2kw、draft、roller4.6kw,creel 2×10.6kw.
7.Total power consumption:<10kw.

Main features
1.It's driven in-phase by 5 pcs of Lenze servo.The warper head,leveling roller,draft roller and creel(L&R)are driven by servo motor to eliminate some problems such as noise,maintain and damage which caused by tradional mechanical drive.
2.It Adopts imported Siements PLC,big colored LCD screen and touch screen,and bus-mastering,Which improves controlling precision and stability.
3.To ensure the precision of line speed of beam,the warper adopts high-precision laser To measure and monitors winding perimeter of the beam.
4.Protection system is equipped to avoid problems caused by power break,no phrase and pressure.
5.Different elastic bobbins compensation curves can ensure both of the beam's rings and Net weight of the yarn are the same.
6.High precision photo-self stopping device is equipped to ensure stop immediately during missing ends and yarn broken.
7.The system is equipped with self-diagnosed function which can monitor the state in real time and yarn tension to make sure the system safety and precision.